Weaving a Rainbow (Ages 7-9)

Ages 7-9

This is an online course that will teach you how to weave with a variety of color and supplies from nature! Learn how to weave projects with yarns, embroidery threads, and a cardboard loom. Interact with your fellow classmates and friends by weaving rainbows into friendship bracelets and sending them off as gifts. Each woven project will be created and handmade by you!

Zoom Classroom, Meeting (code information upon registration)

*If under 18, Parental approval is required to use Zoom application.

$195 | Online Tuition

$25 | Curbside Art Kit

Instructor: Molly Svoboda

Please Note: register with your most current email and contact information if any disconnection occurs. Upon registration you will receive an acknowledgement email including the Zoom instructions, Meeting link and code for this workshop.

Supply your own: (optional)

• Sticks + Found items in nature

• Scissors

• Markers 

• Stickers (optional) 

• Glitter Glue (optional) 


Curbside Art Kit will include:

• Hole Punch

• Large yarn Needle

• Yarn (5 skeins)

• Drawing paper, cardstock, paper plates

• Cardboard Looms

• Postage and envelopes

• Beads